Facts About Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy is one of the most discussed and alarming issues today. Teenage pregnancy happens once a girl who has not yet crossed her teenage becomes a mother. According to law, she is not considered as an adult till she crosses her teens.

Fact 1 Causes Of Teen Pregnancies

There are several reasons for teenage pregnancies. They are the following:

  1. Any societies and ethnic groups consider teen pregnancies as proof of fertility of a girl and that she can bear children. But in most developed countries it is considered as a social disgrace.
  2. Raging hormones during the early teenage years create sudden feelings and unknown emotions in girls. They also experience a sense of rebel against the society and along with it sense of new sexuality and freedom makes many give way to their sexual expressions.
  3. Nowadays, girls start dating at an early age and often due to peer pressure they get into a sexual relationship with their boyfriends and such rash activities lead to unplanned teenage pregnancies.
  4. Sometimes, contraceptive failures too lead to teenage pregnancy and the girls then being still too young to understand the implications get into trouble both at home and among friends.

Fact 2 Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

Even if one does not care about what other people say or how they react to teenage pregnancies, the situation as such is dangerous for both the mother and the child. Teenage girls are normally vulnerable as they are still immature and are only at the growing phase from a girl to a woman. Their bodies are fragile and the reproductive system too is just beginning to functioning properly. At this stage, when teenage girls really know nothing about motherhood and maybe still sleeping with their parents become pregnant and then give birth to a child, it can be dangerous both physically as well as mentally. As soon as a teenager is confirmed about her pregnancy, she feels stressed and the negative effects that follow teenage pregnancy is mainly social disgrace.

Fact 3 Solutions To Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a social concern. Teenagers are like all others and wish to be loved and cared. It has been found that when such emotional attachments are lacking in the family and the children are not in close touch with their parents, such unwanted things happen. Preventing teenage pregnancy starts when the child is still young for that is the right time when relationship of children with parents is established. Hence the importance of child-parent relationship has been emphasized quite often to deal with teenage pregnancy problems all over the world. As the girl grows up it is necessary more for the mother to be closer to her and explain to her the various ways of life, the right and wrong and also the right way to follow that will give her a happy life. But since teenagers mostly have a revolting attitude which is quite normal, often parents either give in to their whims and fancies or just leave them to go astray. Hence it appears that it is the main duty of parents to take care of their girls and maintain a close relation so that they feel secured.

Fact 4 Effects Of Pregnancy On Teenage Girls

The news of pregnancy is not always accepted well by teenagers. The news often comes as a shock to them. Those who have a good relation with parents may seek their advice, but those who do not have any support are often in turmoil whether to disclose the news or just keep silent. This hampers their prenatal care and their agonizing mental condition of fear and abuse effects the child’s growth. Some teenagers even go for abortions while some who cannot face the society, commit suicide.

Hence it is very important for all parents and educators to impart proper sex education to teenagers and impart accurate knowledge of consequences of teenage pregnancy for their safety and better health.

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