Facts about Oxford University

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The expanded Oxford University is not just a university but also host to many interesting, crucial, fun and informative facts. These fascinating facts which are embedded in the history of the Oxford University can be helpful in understanding the place even better!

Fact 1:

In reality, there is no such building as the Oxford University in the entire Oxford. The 39 colleges and related buildings there are collectively called as Oxford University (Richard, 2007).


A major advantage of studying at Oxford University includes guaranteed employment right after six months of graduation (OX, n.d).

Fact 3:

The Oxford University Press, a department at Oxford University and a renowned publisher of high quality dictionaries is the largest university press in the world (OX, n.d).

Fact 4:

The Oxford University was a no-woman university since its being. In the year 1974, the doors of the college were made open for female learners (Alisa, 2005).

Fact 5:

During the times of Hitler invasions, Oxford University was safe from bombardments because of the fact that Hitler intended to make this place his ruling capital (Alisa, 2005).

Fact 6:

The Oxford University has a total number of 102 libraries housing 11 million volumes of books (Bermosa, 2012).

Fact 7:

The Ashmolean Museum of the Oxford University is the world’s first ever public museum (Oxford Regis, 2012).

Fact 8:

The peculiar and enchanted Hogwarts Hall and its famous stair case, with a sleek touch of computer graphics is used in the Harry potter on an inspiration from the Oxford University’s Great Tudor Hall of the Christ Church (Oxford Regis, 2012).

Fact 9:

Oxford University excels in the number of more published writers than anywhere else in the world (Oxford, 2012).

Fact 10:

Unknown to many, Alice, in the story, ‘œAlice in Wonderland’, is not just a writer’s imagination but a true figure that existed in the premises of Oxford university (Anna, 2009).

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