What is FNCE?

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The biggest gathering of health and nutrition experts in the US is called the FNCE or the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo.  This event is held annually and is attended by more than 8000 members who include professionals and experts in the food and nutrition fields.  Typical participants of the FNCE include member nutritionists and dieticians, researchers and scientists in the field of nutrition, health care professionals and service providers, and even lawmakers and other people connected to the same industry.

A big part of the FNCE is the seminars and trainings for various food and nutrition-related subjects. As for the professionals attending this event, they can also gain CPE or Continuing Professional Education units for the seminars they join.  The seminars and trainings provided by the FNCE typically involve the latest in food technology, new trends in food and nutrition, updates from the scientific community, and the showcasing of new products.

The best part of the FNCE is that attendees and participants can have fun in various activities while learning the latest in food and nutrition.  Various companies in the food business are given their respective booths to exhibit their new products and promote their latest services.  Along with the learning experience, attendees of the event may also get to have freebies including food samples and various giveaways from exhibitors and food sponsors.  For the food and nutrition professional, the FNCE is a great way to gain more knowledge about the latest in the industry straight from the experts themselves.  For visitors and attendees, joining the activities of the FNCE may mean more relevant information about the food industry and this information could be used to help one decide if his/her future studies or business may involve this particular industry. The FNCE could also be a chance for networking opportunities for individuals who are already part of the food and nutrition industry.

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