Facts About Offspring

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Offspring is a band that originated in America during the year 1984, and they were formed in Orange County, California. The members of the band are: Dexter Holland on vocals and guitar, Noodles on guitar, Greg K on bass, and Pete Parada on drums. They had already performed more than 1,000 concerts around the world and had 8 record albums. The group was also known by the name ‘œManic Subsidal.’

Fact 1: ‘œSession’ is one of the songs of Offspring that was written by Dexter Holland’s wife, Kristine Luna.

Fact 2: The band was structured by Dexter Holland.

Fact 3: The band’s songs are more commonly used during the competition for skating, surfing and other sports that are extreme for people.

Fact 4: Doug Thompson on vocals, Jim Benton and James Lilja on drums as well as Ron Welty and Adam ‘œAtorn’ Willard are known to be part of the band. But as the years went by, they left the band, and new members were put in their positions.

Fact 5: Dexter Holland is a licensed pilot in real life, and he spent a few days traveling around the world alone during the year 2004.

Fact 6: ‘œSplinter,’ which is the 7th released single from Offspring has sold more than 4 million records all throughout the world.

Fact 7: The first name of the band was ‘œManic Subsidal’, but during the latter part of their popularity, they changed it to ‘œThe Offspring’ for they thought Manic Subsidal was a name that was difficult to remember.

Fact 8: Noodles (Kevin Wasserman) worked as a janitor at an Elementary School located in Garden Grove during the Offspring’s early days. He was also stabbed on the shoulders during one of their earlier shows.

Fact 9: Dexter Holland does not eat carrots for he does not like them.

Fact 10: Noodles (Kevin Wasserman) is known to be a color-blinded person.

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