Facts About Natural Disasters

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A large number of natural disasters strike our planet every year. Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis are some common natural disasters. These natural disasters can affect you even when you are sitting in your home. Here are some interesting facts about natural disasters:

Fact 1: If we talk about the number of affected people all around the world from natural disasters, this count is nearly 258 million. People in developing and developed countries are equally affected.

Fact 2: The deadliest tsunami in history struck the world in 2004. Eleven countries were affected at the same time. The waves were 100 feet high.

Fact 3: After tsunamis, earthquakes are the most life-threatening disasters as more than 10,000 people die as a result of them all around the world every year.

Fact 4: After a flood, the shortage of food is obvious in the affected areas, but it also becomes difficult to find clean water as all water reservoirs get contaminated.

Fact 5: The size of an average tornado is nearly 660 feet wide which means it can engulf a small street in a moment.

Fact 6: The intensity of natural disasters is continuously increasing. It has increased 15 times as compared to the year 1950.

Fact 7: Many countries take loans from the World Bank to meet their needs after being affected from any natural disaster. However, Turkey has taken the largest loan in the year 2000 which was $505 million against the earthquake emergency reconstruction.

Fact 8: Natural disasters not only cause physical injuries, but stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders are also commonly observed medical conditions after the natural calamities. Moreover, the trend of suicides also increases.

Fact 9: China recorded the most number of natural disasters for one year than any other country at 18. This number is 16 for the Philippines and 10 in Indonesia.

Fact 10: Some countries are hit by the same type of natural disaster again and again, while countries like China, Philippines, and Costa Rica are affected by multiple disasters.

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