Facts About Serial Killers

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Serial killers have remained a part of every society since antiquity. However, the real concept and definition of serial killers has been developed in the minds of people just a few decades back thanks to the efforts of the media. Here are some stunning but interesting facts about serial killers:

Fact 1: According to the FBI’s definition, any person who has committed two or more murders in different events due to a number of reasons: for a thrill, anger, psychological pleasure, sexual gratification, or financial gain is called a serial killer.

Fact 2: The general definition of serial killers differs from the FBI’s in some respects. According to this definition, committing a murder of three or four people during the duration of more than one month due to psychological satisfaction is the requirement to be a serial killer.

Fact 3: A strange fact about serial killers is that these are persons who have an IQ level below average.

Fact 4: Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, especially by family members, are some of the major causes which compel a person to become a serial killer.

Fact 5: The prime motive of male serial killers is sex in which they go towards torture and finally murder just due to the non-fulfillment of their lust.

Fact 6: The media has played both types of roles towards changing the mind of people from becoming a normal person to serial killers and vice versa. Notable sources of media are books and films especially on pornography topics.

Fact 7: No doubt, the ratio of women serial killers is not as common as men serial killers; however,  there were 64 women serial killers among the total figure of 416.

Fact 8: The motives of women serial killers are also somewhat different than men. The prime motive of women serial killers is money rather than sex.

Fact 9: An amazing fact about the spouses of serial killers is that they are innocent and even have no knowledge about this type of psychological condition of their husband or wife.

Fact 10: The ratio of suicide attempts in serial killers is higher than normal persons.

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