Facts about Mississippi

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Mississippi is yet another unique and amazing state in the United States of America. This state has a number of striking facts that make it stand out among all the other American states!!

Fact 1:

More than any other state, Mississippi has the largest number of black residents inhabiting the area for long (F.M, 2012).

Fact 2:

The Mississippi river, which is the largest river in the United States and its chief waterway, has a very interesting nickname of, the Old Man River (F.M, 2012).

Fact 3:

An interesting fun fact about Mississippi is that the Teddy Bear is a creation of Mississippi. It was back in 1902 when the president Roosevelt refused to kill a captured bear that the teddy as a stuffed toy came into being (O.S.M, 2013).  

Fact 4:

Positioned at the University of Mississippi, is an antique Biblical manuscript which is known to be the oldest existing book in America (U.S, 2000).

Fact 5:

Mississippi has the maximum number of churches among all the other states of the United States of America. This number is calculated on the per capita basis (U.S, 2000).

Fact 6:

There are approximately 241 different species of fish that inhabit the Mississippi River and thus make this river a very active fishing spot (E.M.R, 2009).

Fact 7:

During the migration season, about 326 species of birds, which make approximately 60% of the total birds in America, use the Mississippi river basin as their migratory flyway (E.M.R, 2009).

Fact 8:

The Old Spanish Fort Museum in Pascagoula, Mississippi has the honor of possessing and displaying the world’s largest shrimp (50S, 2011).

Fact 9:

The world’s first human lung transplant and human heart transplant surgery were both carried out in Mississippi at University of Mississippi Medical Centers (50S, 2011).

Fact 10:

Mississippi is the land of natural blessings. Along with other blessings showered by Mother Nature, Mississippi is the home to world’s largest cottonwood tree plantation (50S, 2011).

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