What is BCWipe?

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BCWipe is an application that is able to permanently erase or delete files that run on one’s computer.  It is classified as a form of data erasure utility that works with computers that run on Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX.  Created and developed by Jetico Inc. Oy, BCWipe is of commercial and military-grade.  With approval granted by the Defence department of the US, BCWipe is widely used by various government and/or military-related organizations.

BCWipe works like an extension service of the standard Windows Explorer.  Deletion of files can be done using similar techniques as one would normally delete a file.  After selecting files for deletion, the option for “wiping” will be available if this particularly utility is installed.  After the option to delete and wipe data, all information will now be deleted and wiped off from one computer.  With BCWipe, data that is deleted cannot be recovered or retrieved manually or through another software recovery tool.  The best thing about BCWipe is that it can also be customized and configured to suit people’s preferences.

Aside from the wiping option upon right-clicking files which erases data permanently, one can also use BCWipe to do transparent wiping.  In this type of wiping, deleted files that get stored as temporarily files will be erased automatically.  One may also choose to wipe off or erase empty spaces in the storage disks to clean them up and free up more storage space.  There are also various options to delete and wipe other files like those located in the local history folder and the internet history folder.  People may also choose to wipe out directory entries, compressed file formats, and other unimportant computer records.  All these wiping options are offered along with the chance to view activity logs and the computer’s file manager.  With very useful and practical features, many schools, commercial organizations, and even home users also use BCWipe.

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