Facts About the Occupy Wall Street Movement to Show Its True Relevance

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The whole ‘œOccupy Wall Street’ movement has surely become a major point in history, but what exactly was it for and was it even worth it? The OWS movement claims that they are 99 percent of the people, but what are the facts and what are the fictions that have permeated this event in American history? Here are 10 compiled facts about the OWS movement to help uncover the events that culminated in a rally that captured the attention of the whole world:


Fact 1: The OWS movement seemed to have been just a spontaneous reaction that was triggered by the occurrences in Egypt with its protests and was instigated by the founders of the Canadian anti-capitalist magazine Adbusters.


Fact 2: Throughout the period of the protest, it was beset with accusations of police brutality and a couple of unlawful arrests.


Fact 3: The OWS movement prevailed against the Mayor of New York as well as the owners of Zucotti Park in that they were able to stay in the park for an indefinite period of time during their protest. This shows the power protesters have gained in this present day.


Fact 4: OWS is unique in the way that it was a leaderless movement and was compiled mostly of citizens that are frustrated with the government.


Fact 5: Kalle Lasn, who is a founder of the Adbusters magazine and one of the instigators of the protest has not been able to go to New York yet.


Fact 6: A major flaw of the OWS movement is that it is a direct democracy which is not only leaderless but is also blinded by their passion on the subject matter.


Fact 7: Claims that the OWS movement has reached Europe can be considered false as Europe is known to hold protests just for the sake of it and not due to the issues at hand.


Fact 8: The main difference between the OWS movements and successful revolutions in the past is that previous protests were rooted on ideological and bureaucratic qualities that are not visible in the OWS movement.


Fact 9: OWS is seen to be just pointing out what is wrong but offering no solutions whatsoever. This is the reason why they failed except in loitering in public areas.

Fact 10: Unfortunately for OWS, who claims to represent 99 percent of the people, a poll was created, and it appears that the true 99 percent of the population believes that the movement is but a mere nuisance.

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