Facts About Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage varies in different countries.  In the US alone, various states have different minimum wages although a so-called federal minimum is established.  Some countries are earning way lower than what people in the US earn.  The following are some facts associated to minimum wage in the US and other countries:

Fact 1:  Denmark has the highest minimum average in the world.  At about 21 UD dollars and hour, many workers in Denmark earn more than any other worker in other countries in the world. There is no actual and mandated minimum wage in this country but the average figure of 21 US dollars is considered way above the minimum wages compared to the US and other industrialized countries.

Fact 2:  India has the lowest minimum wage among big countries of the world.  With a population of more than a billion people, workers in India are literally not paid enough for their daily needs.  The average minimum wage earner in India only earns a little more than a quarter US dollar per hour.

Fact 3:  Australia has the highest official minimum wage in the world.  Currently at around 16 US dollars per hour, Australians have the best hourly rates as mandated by their own labor department.

Fact 4:  Japan leads the pack in Asia when it comes to minimum wage earners. Workers in Japan can expect to earn a little more than 8 US dollars per hour.  This rate puts it about even with the minimum wage earners in the US.

Fact 5:  At least 30 states in the US have higher rates for minimum wage compared to the 7.25 US dollar per hour average.  This is based on a study conducted for 2014 labor and employment data.  Many of these states have about 8 to 9 US dollars per hour as their own minimum wage rates.

Fact 6:  Many states in the north-eastern sites of the US have minimum wage rates of 9 US dollars or more. Washington has the highest minimum wage at 9.47 USD per hour and other neighboring states like Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts earn about the same.

Fact 7:  The restaurant industry in the US employs the most number of minimum wage earners in the US. Food servers, waiters, and cashiers earn more or less around the minimum age level and these 20 million strong workers comprise 18% of the total workforce in this country.

Fact 8:  About half of the minimum wage earners in the US are young adults. Aged 18-24, 3 million young Americans earn at least 7.25 USD per hour which is the federal minimum.  Most of these young Americans are employed by the food service or restaurant industry.

Fact 9:  70% of Americans supports the raising of minimum wage in the US to about 10 US dollars per hour.  This is a similar sentiment in other countries as well as more and more people clamor for higher income for better purchasing power and improved lifestyles.

 Fact 10:  Sierra Leone is one of many African countries that earn the lowest in the world in terms of minimum wages.  This country’s workers only earn .03 US dollars per hour and this is also often the case in much of Africa and some countries in Asia and Latin America.

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