Facts About Fleas

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Fleas are unwanted insects because they can cause illness to the animals that they feed on. These pests basically suck the blood of their host animal for survival and with about 2,000 species these insects not only are annoying but may actually be medically alarming. Most people associate fleas to be found on pets like dogs and cats, but humans are also infected with these pets along with other animals like reptiles and birds. Here are some facts related to fleas:

Fact 1: Female fleas are more voracious blood-suckers compared to the males. Female fleas are known to be able to suck blood that is up to 15 times their own body weight. These pests can readily suck blood from their hosts for several hours.

Fact 2: As with many other insects, fleas are able to multiply easily. One female flea is even able to lay up to 2000 eggs in her lifetime. Egg-laying is estimated to occur for about 50 days with an average of 40-50 eggs every single day.

Fact 3: Fleas are great jumpers. Some species of fleas can even jump up to 100 times their own body length. This ability basically explains why its possible for them to infect many pets in the same household. Vertical leaps are also measured to reach up to 8 feet.

Fact 4: Fleas tend to stay with their animal hosts forever. Unless they are removed by some kind of treatment, fleas are not known to prefer transferring from host to another on a regular basis which is common for other insects.

Fact 5: The so-called cat flea is the most common pest for household pets in the US. This type of flea does not only feed on cats but may also feed on dogs as well. Humans may also be victims of cat flea infestation.

Fact 6: Fleas are not able to fly. Some people may assume that they fly around where there are pets but they can only move from one place to another by means of jumping in which they are very good at.

Fact 7: Fleas will start to suck the blood of their new hosts in as little as 5 minutes. These insects basically do not need to settle down before they feed on their host. They can suck blood immediately and this could go on for a few hours at a time.

Fact 8: Fleas are known disease-carriers. Various illnesses are attributed to fleas and these include the spread of Bubonic plague and murine typhus among others. For most animals that they feed on, fleas will cause an illness called pruritus which is characterized by very intense skin itching.

Fact 9: Aside from sucking blood from animals, fleas can also cause them to be anemic. This happens because fleas are able to transfer tapeworms from one animal to another.

Fact 10: Fleas do survive even without food for as long as 100 days. Their only food is the blood from their animal hosts like cats, dogs, rodents, and birds but they can actually survive without their blood meal for 100 days.

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