Facts About Odysseus

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Odysseus is one of the many popular characters in Greek mythology. He is the main character featured in the epic “Odyssey” by Homer and also contributed as one of the main players during the Trojan War. He is considered a great and celebrated hero because of his high intelligence and leadership skills. The following are some interesting “facts” related to the character of Odysseus:

Fact 1:   The Trojan War in Greek mythology was won and can be attributed in big part to the character of Odysseus. He was known to be a very resourceful person and his great oratorical skills made it very helpful for the Greek side during the siege of Troy.

Fact 2: Odysseus’ main role in the Trojan War was almost not meant to be. He almost missed the battle because he had to deal with some issues presented to him by Palamedes, the King of Ithaca.

Fact 3: Odysseus demonstrated his greatness in terms of combat skills early on in his life. During his childhood, the young Odysseus was able to kill a wild boar and eventually saved his uncles. This was all made possible because of his training with Chiron, a known centaur.

Fact 4: Odysseus was in love with Helen of Troy. He originally became part of the many suitors to the beautiful daughter of the great King Tyndareus. Helen eventually chose to wed Menelaus and Odysseus was later introduced to Penelope, one of the King’s nieces and soon to be wife of Odysseus.

Fact 5: Odysseus is a great spy. Being known as great with words and strategy, Odysseus was able to trick many Trojans that eventually led to their defeat in the so-called Trojan War.

Fact 6: It took 10 years when Odysseus travelled by sea to Ithaca and go back home. This is because he caused the ire of Poseidon, the lord of the sea. His 10-year voyage, though long, made Odysseus learn new things and acquire more knowledge and skills.

Fact 7: The ship that Odysseus used in his journey to the seas towards Ithaca was destroyed by thunder. One crash of thunder was all it took to destroy this magnificent ship that Odysseus used for 10 years before being able to go back home.

Fact 8: Odysseus led the building of the famous Trojan horse. This wooden horse was essential in the Greeks’ siege of Troy and this helped them sneak into the walls of the city and eventually captured it.

Fact 9: The character of Odysseus is one with associated with great promiscuity. His wife Penelope was considered very faithful to him, but Odysseus also became known to father various children from several other women. This means that his only son from Penelope named Thelemacus is not the only heir to the greatness of Odysseus.

Fact 10: The Romans are not so fond of Odysseus and actually consider him cruel and deceitful. Greeks may see him as a great leader and character but his strategic skills made him earn a villainous reputation among the Romans.

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