Facts About Feminism

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Feminism is a type of advocacy of belief regarding women’s rights to be equal with one. It is a gender-equality issue advocated by women to protect their rights in terms of the social, economic, and/or political environment. The basic goal of feminism is to close the so-called gender gap between men and women in various aspects of life. The following are some facts about feminism:

Fact 1: On the employment aspect, women are said to earn about 78 cents while men in the US earn 1 dollar for every hour of work. Many women advocate feminism because of this salary gap and push for change in their own organization or lobby the government for this particular purpose.

Fact 2: Women lawyers only account about a quarter of the judges at the state and federal levels in the US. Law school graduates may be quite even in terms of men and women but those who end up to higher positions at the state and federal levels are still mostly men.

Fact 3:   Women also earn less money than men in the field of sports. Various team sports like basketball and hockey or individual sports like golf and tennis are played by both sexes but women typically earn only a fraction of what male athletes do. In some of these sports, women push for closing the salary gap for women athletes.

Fact 4: 94% of Oscar winners in various writing categories are men. For many women, this is a big issue because of the obvious lack of recognition for women’s talents in the field of writing.

Fact 5: The US House of Representatives is dominated by men with the women holding only to 17% of the seats. This is another area wherein many women push the values of feminism because of the inequality in terms of representation to this particular department in the US government.

Fact 6: For private businesses, women CEOs or Chief Executive Officers only earn 33 cents for every dollar that a male CEO earns. In the workplace, various concerns are pushed for gender equality in terms of promotions and salaries.

Fact 7: In the US, speech pathology is the only career wherein women earn basically the same with men. This simply means that in all other job titles, women are expected to earn less than the men.

Fact 8: In the field of arts, one-person shows and exhibitions are again dominated by men. Women artists are only said to account for 2% of these events. This simply translates to only two female artists being able to exhibit their work versus 98 of the male artists.

Fact 9: Women may be commonly associated with talent in the field of theater production and direction but only about 5% of women directors were able to win the prestigious Tony Award. Women directors in the theater scene said to be commonly overlooked or not respected in the same way as men.

Fact 10: Not all feminist groups agree with each other. Some groups advocate for conservative changes while others are more liberal in their choices and platforms.

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