Facts About Denver, Colorado

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Denver is the capital city of Colorado State in the US. It is also the largest city in the state which is situated about 1 mile above sea level, earning it the nickname of “Mile High City”. The city is named after James Denver who was governor of Kansas territory some 150 years ago. Part of Colorado was part of this territory back in those times. Aside from being Colorado’s capital and largest city, Denver is an interesting city because of the following facts:

Fact 1: Denver has the largest airport in all of North America. At more than 50 square miles, the Denver International Airport is the largest across the whole of the US and Canada.

Fact 2: Denver receives more sunshine than San Diego in California or Miami Beach in Florida. Denver may not have the beaches of both the East and West Coasts, but it is also a popular destination all year-round because it averages more than 300 days of sunshine every single year.

Fact 3: Being labelled as the Mile High City, Denver’s capital city building actually has a marker for this famous nickname. The 13th step in the stairs of this building is considered the exact 1-mile spot above sea level.

Fact 4: Many people believe that cheeseburger is invented in Denver, Colorado. It was in 1935 when Louis Ballast of Humpty Dumpty Drive-In was given the trademark for his cheeseburger invention.

Fact 5: Denver is home to the largest city park system across all of the US. Denver has more than 200 parks within its city boundaries alone. Nearby areas totalling more than 20,000 acres are also classified as parklands and mountains.

Fact 6: Denver was founded as a city because of gold. Back in the 1850s, many people rushed to Denver because of gold deposits found in the Cherry Creek area. This led to the city’s growth in terms of population and business establishments. Two decades later, Denver is a thriving city with lots of gold and silver mines scattered in various parts.

Fact 7: Denver is one of the top cities in the US that has high vehicle ownership on a per-capita basis. This simply means that gas prices are pretty high in this side of America. Home to millions of people and being one of the fastest growing cities in the US, more cars are expected from the people of Denver in the near future.

Fact 8: Despite being 1 mile high above sea level, Denver is actually located in the plains below the Colorado Mountains. It is still situated high above the sea but is actually not part of the mountainous regions of Colorado.

Fact 9: Denver is home to bluer skies than the usual. Owing to its location above sea level, Denver and the rest of Colorado gets to experience bluer skies because of less water vapor present in the air.

Fact 10: Denver is home to various hotels that are pet-friendly. Pets with all shapes and sizes are welcomed and given royal treatment in various hotels scattered across Denver City in Colorado.

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