Facts About Grapes

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Grapes are rounded or oval berries that typically have a shiny skin and soft flesh. About 8000 varieties of this fruit are grown in various parts of the world. Grape varieties also come in varying colors including the common purple and green. Some varieties are also deep red, black, blue and golden in color. The following are facts related to this popular fruit:

Fact 1: Grapes are introduced to the Americas via the Spanish explorers and colonizers. Hundreds of years ago, grapes from Europe were brought by the Spaniards to American land.

Fact 2: Grapes contain very high water content. Most varieties have very soft flesh that is actually 85% water. The remaining contents include fiber and other nutrients that grapes are very famous for.

Fact 3: The growing of grapes is considered the biggest in the food industry. Most of the grapes that are grown worldwide are grown to be eaten as fruit or to be processed into wines and liquors.

Fact 4:
Napa Valley in the US is home to the most wineries and grape plantations in the whole world. This region in the US has over 200 wineries and produces some of the finest grape and wine varieties that are enjoyed in the US and exported to many countries across the globe.

Fact 5: Grapes are regarded as true health food. These fruits, regardless of variety are known to be packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for the heart and the body’s immune system. Many people even promote the consumption of grape-based products regularly because of its various health benefits.

Fact 6: A cup of grapes only pack a total of 100 calories. This simply translates to more health benefits without having to worry about consuming too much calories for a given day. One cup of this fruit gives more than enough Vitamin C and Vitamin K for a day.

Fact 7: Grapes have high-antioxidant content making them ideal for the fight against cancer and other serious illnesses. The flavanoid content in grapes are known to be effective against harmful toxins in the body that may lead to serious illnesses like cancer.

Fact 8:
About 2 and a half pounds of grapes are needed to make 1 standard bottle of wine. One acre of grapes can also yield to up to 15000 wine glasses. With wineries and grape plantations spread across the world, many people can enjoy the fruit in wine form.

Fact 9: Grapes are also helpful for people who have problems with being overweight. These fruits have very little cholesterol content and have lots of fiber which can help people control their weight. Fitness and health experts often promote a grape-based diet for easier achievement of the so-called healthy weight.

Fact 10: Regular consumption of grapes can also boost brain power. Aside from its known benefits to the heart, the immune system, weight loss, and longevity, grapes are also studied to help improve some brain functions. People who have consumed grapes regularly are said to have performed better in special verbal learning tests.

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