Facts About Maple Trees

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Maple trees are commonly found in the northern parts of the US and many parts of Canada. The maple leaf is even featured in the Canadian flag. This tree is often a favorite for many people because of its distinct leaves that burst into different colors during the autumn season. Below are some facts about maple trees:

Fact 1: The leaves of some maple trees are red even during the warm months of summer and winter. Most people may associate the red color during the fall but some trees actually produce deep red leaves instead of the usual green.
As the autumn comes, the standard green and sometimes red leaves turn into different hues of yellow, orange, and red.

Fact 2: The sap of some maple tree varieties can actually be turned into syrup. The sugar maple tree for example produces sap that can be turned into sugar syrup which is very useful in various desserts and other recipes.

Fact 3: The wood from maple tree is widely preferred for its durability. Maple wood can be used in the making of various furniture that can withstand different weather conditions.

Fact 4: Maple trees are also useful in the music industry. The wood in these trees are known to be good at receiving sound waves. People classify maple wood as tonewood because they are extremely useful in making various musical instruments like drums and guitars among others.

Fact 5:
The leaves from maple trees may also be used to create dyes for fabric and clothing. Red maple leaves for example are commonly processed and turned into red dyes for use in different fabrics. The red maple leaves contain tannin which provides the red dye color. This process was used by the early settlers of Northern America called the New World.

Fact 6:
Maple trees that are cut into chips are also useful in grilling and smoking food. The distinct aroma and texture of maple wood chips provide a special aroma to grilled or smoked food.

Fact 7: Maple trees are also used in the production of the alcoholic drink called Tennessee Whiskey. The charcoal from maple wood is used in the special process in making this kind of whiskey.

Fact 8: Large maple trees can live for up to 300 years. These trees are basically resilient in terms of weather changes. With good soil as its foundation, maple trees can basically revive the cycle of changing colors in their leaves and letting them go during the winter and sprouting new ones again by spring time.

Fact 9: Some maple tree varieties are so small that they are likened to the standard bonsai trees of Japan. Many people may be more familiar of the large maple trees that grow to more than 100 feet but the Japanese maple tree variety for example only grow to a couple of feet.

Fact 10:
Maple syrup from the maple tree also contains calcium. Aside from its sugar content, the syrup from maple trees actually contain calcium that is equivalent to drinking milk.

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