Facts about Aztec Jewelry

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A jewelry of certain place reflects the thoughts, lifestyle and culture of a place. Aztec jewelry is famous for its uniqueness. From centuries it has fascinated people.

All around the world. It not only depicts the culture of old Mexico City when it was empowered by Aztec empire but also have hidden symbolic meanings that tell us about Mexican history in much detail. Though most of Aztec Jewelry was destroyed along with the downfall of Aztec civilizations, the remains are now the property of museum and are admired throughout the world. Following are some Facts about Aztec Jewelry that are worth acknowledging

Fact 1:-

In 1975, some of Aztec gold was found by an octopus fisherman, known as the Fisherman’s Treasure.

Fact 2:-

Aztec Jewelry was rich in variety. Aztec people didn’t use just one type of material to make their artifacts, rather they used a wide range of metals from gold, silver, obsidian, precious stone of opal and quartz to shell and feathers.

Fact 3:-

From the great temple of Tenochtitlan (Capital of Aztec Empire) a beautiful shell necklace was discovered. These Jewelry were considered to be the possession of upper class of Aztec specially craft by people of lower class.

Fact 4:-

The history of Mexican jewelry begins when Archaeological evidence showed that Aztec wore jewelry made of finely carved jade and many handcrafts of pre-Columbian, Aztec and Mayan art were found. The Aztec ruled the central Mexico in 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. They had complex religious rites and rituals. And to honor their gods, human scarification was a common practice and as an attire of their religious rites they wore carved jewelry.

Fact 5:-

The British Museum holds number of turquoise mosaics. The most beautiful of which were sent to the Mexica as a tribute.

Fact 6:-

The Spanish were one of the first people to admire the Aztec jewelry owing to its good quality and uniqueness.

Fact 7:-

The Aztec used jewelry for several purposes. Body modifications like piercing of nose, ear is attributed to very old time and have been thought to be started in Aztecs. The used heavy nose pins, earrings, pendant, bracelet adorn their bodies.

Fact 8:-

Aztec jewelry was not only designed specifically for their empires, nobles, temples but also for their gods. Especially the serpent gods. They used to honor their god and goddess by dedicating certain style of jewelry to them. Which were decorated on their idols.

Fact 9:-

Due to the scarcity of gold in Aztec, Aztec people had great appreciation for gold jewelry. Which was only wore by the noble class. This gold was crafted into special jewelry by crafter whose skills were beyond comparisons.

Fact 10:-

Turquoise and emerald was one of the most favorite jewel of Aztecs. The believed in turquoise’s healing power and a symbol of strength and prosperity. The Ancient Aztecs even carved holes in their teeth to put turquoise in it.

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