Facts about Idaho

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Idaho is the 13th largest state of united state located in the Pacific Northwest region and share borders with the state of Oregon, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.

Some of the facts regarding Idaho are listed below.

Fact 1:-

Idaho has 200 incorporated cities. Of which Boise is the capital and the largest city of Idaho. The population of Boise is 205,671.

Fact 2:-

The state has adopted its flag by the 1907 legislation. It has blue silk flag, 5 feet 6 inches high, 4 feet 4 inches on pike is bordered by gilt fringe 2 ½ inches wide. Embroidered with gold in the center of flag are the words ‘œState of Idaho’ in block letters two inches on a red band below the great seal.

Fact 3:-

This state is also known as ‘œGem State’, for nearly all sort of gemstones are found in its regions. Even the meaning of the word Idaho is ‘œGem of the Mountain’. It is a mountainous state and is famous for a good quality gem ‘œstar garnets’.

Fact 4:-

The state flower is ‘œThe Syringe (Philadelphus lewisii). It was given the status of state flower by the legislature in 1931.

Fact 5:-

Idaho is a single state but divided into two different time zones. The 1918 Standard Time Act put most of the state i.e.. North of Salmon River, The Panhandle part of the state is in Pacific Time Zone while the eastern parts such as Boise and Twin Falls in the Mountain Time Zone.

Fact 6:-

Idaho is the natural producer of potato also known as ‘œpotato state’, trout, Austrians winter peas and lentils. The state fruit is ‘œwild Huckleberry’ and the state tree is ‘œThe Western White Pine’ (Pinus Monticola pinaceae) it also have major industries of manufacture, healthcare, timber, mining, food processing, agriculture and tourism.

Fact 7:-

Archeological evidence in the form of ancient bows, arrows and pottery showed that Idaho was inhabited by people for more than 14,000 years. The Crafted pottery is evident to be 1,500 years old.

Fact 8:-

In 1882 electricity was introduced to enlighten the homes and streets of Idaho. And the telephone service was available after a year in 1883.

Fact 9:-

The survey conducted by Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) and some other agencies has shown that the historical record of seismicity depicts moderate threat of earthquakes. Up-till now Idaho has experienced two earthquakes causing millions of damage. One in the 1959 called as Hebgen Lake earthquake (M7.5) and the other one is the 1983 Borah Peak earthquake (M7.3).

Fact 10:-

The Rocky Mountains of Idaho contains four major volcanoes named Shoshone, Craters of the moon, Wapi Lava field, Hells Half Acre. The Craters of the moon is the largest lava field of the Snake River Plain in Idaho. The volcano field here contain 60 lava flows and covers an area of 1600 km 2.

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