Books About College Romance

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This genre is tagged as New Adult fiction. It targets those who have just turned eighteen. This is when young people leave home and go to college. This new set of circumstances can be unsettling, and young people are often faced with difficult decisions in unfamiliar situations. These books deal with these issues, amidst that life changing event— falling in love.

1. The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen The female protagonist is a hockey player. Just before she starts college, she has an accident. She has to start her college year in a wheelchair. She meets a male hockey player who has broken his leg. They bond over their shared difficulties, and their friendship deepens.

2. Take What You Want by Jeanette Grey Ellen wants to get into medical school, and is attending pre-med classes. She meets a guy at a bar and dates him. It turns out that he is going to the same classes. This book also deals with the subject of students’ doubts and aspirations regarding their future careers.

3. Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt Jordan and Courtney are high school sweethearts. They get admission in the same college and plan to travel there together. Jordan suddenly breaks up with Courtney, saying that he has met someone else on the Internet. Later, it transpires that he has some secrets, which prompted the split.

4. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire The protagonist is the kind of girl who follows the rules. When she goes to college, she meets a guy who is labelled a bad boy. They are opposites who attract each other.

5. A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall Lea and Gabe should be together, but she is not the outgoing type and he has issues. This story is told from 14 different points of view.

6. Left Drowning by Jessica Park The female protagonist has lost both her parents. She is in her last year at college. She meets a guy who has a traumatic family history.

7. Across the Hall by N.M. Facile Sylvia was heartbroken when her high school boyfriend broke up with her, and moved away. When she goes to college she dates another guy. She is taken by surprise by a twist of fate—her high school love is living right across from her.

8. Wait For You by J. Lynn Avery is attracted to a guy she meets in college. He asks her out but she refuses. She is emotionally scarred because of a traumatic experience she underwent five years ago. The guy is persistent, and doesn’t give up.

9. Anywhere With You by Kaylee Ryan Allison’s parents died when she was ten years old, and she has been living with her grandmother ever since. When she joins college, she meets Liam. They are attracted to each other, but Allison is wary.

10. Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren Emerson has formulated a set of relationship rules for herself. She has issues from her past and is does not want to get emotionally involved with anyone. But then, she meets Jaxon.

11. Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin Clementine has had a bad experience with love. When she goes to college, she makes up her mind not to date anyone. She did not account for her feelings when she met Gavin.

12. Easy by Tamarra Webber Jacqueline decided to go to the same college as her boyfriend, but he then breaks up with her. She is assaulted by a friend of her old boyfriend but her classmate Lucas comes to her aid. Lucas seems to be attracted to her.

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