The Benefits Of Butter: 10 Reasons Why We Love It (And You Ought To, Too)

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From pouring it over a bed of steaming and fresh mashed potatoes, to steak, cake, and anything else you can imagine, there is no doubt about it: Butter is the gift that keeps on giving! Whether it’s organic or grass-fed or low fat, we’ll take it any which way. The popular dairy product is actually created when you churn fresh or fermented milk or cream. Composed of butterfat, milk proteins, and water, it’s a surefire way to add that flavor to all your cooking. It isn’t just about flavor though. Lo and behold, butter consists of nutritional properties that help get you in your best shape. To learn more about the benefits of butter, here are 10 reasons that are about to change theway you look at that beautiful stick forever.

Fact 1: The delicious golden stick of butter that we know and love so dear is jam packed fat-soluble vitamins! Butter contains Vitamin A, E, and K2. What is Vitamin K2 you ask? Simply put, it’s a super vitamin that is rich in calcium and helps with your metabolism. Vitamin K2 is mainly found in grass-fed butter.

Fact 2: We’d take butter over margarine (it’s less popular and socially awkward sister) any day, and here’s why: the highly processed trans-fat found in margarine is enough to trigger cardiovascular disease, while butter does not. Studies have proven that the high levels of Vitamin K2 does in fact aid in the reduction of contracting heart disease.

Fact 3: Ever wonder where the word butter came from? Our favorite dairy product derived its –name from the 4-carbon fatty-acid called Butyrate which is created by the bacteria in the colon when it is exposed to dietary fiber. Butyrate is great for preventing weight gain, as intake increases energy expenditure and decreases your food intake and cravings. Butyrate is also responsible for improving the function of mitochondria and lowers fasting triglycerides, as well as insulin.

Fact 4: Grass-fed butter in particular is a great source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Also known as CLA, this fatty acid has remarkable effects on metabolism and is a staple in weight loss supplements and the like. Solid forms of the fatty acid may be taken in pill form to help see better results in body composition and lowering body fat percentage. CLA also possesses powerful anti-cancer properties and is great for building muscle and boosting your immunity.

Fact 5: Contrary to popular belief, butter isn’t an unhealthy cholesterol-filled dairy product out to get us in our caskets earlier. Low fat butter is a great source of the calcium and essential fat that we need minus all the calories.

Fact 6: The Vitamin A that’s found in butter is easily soluble and is great for thyroid and adrenal health. Butter also contains Lauric acid, a significant property within the dairy product that aids in the treatment of fungal infections and candida.

Fact 7: Butter makes you pretty. Wait, what?! Bitter contains anti-oxidants that help eliminate free radicals and gets rid of weakening arteries. That means clear, firm, and healthy skin! But wait, it gets better. It also prevents tooth decay!

Fact 8: Butter prevents the hardening of arteries, as well as the development of cataracts, and even the calcification of the penial gland and of the joints. Is there anything this delicious golden dairy product can’t do?

Fact 9: Butter is a great source of energy! It gives you the quick boost that you need whenever you’re low on energy and need a quick spurt. The butter is burned off as energy instead of being stored in our bodies as adipose tissue. (Phew!)

Fact 10: Essential minerals that are found in butter include Manganese, Calcium, Chromium, Zinc, Selenium, and Copper: powerful anti-oxidants that work to keep your body as fit as a fiddle. The Iodine in butter is a significant factor in the production of thyroid hormones.

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