Books about Grace

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Most of the books about grace adopt a God-perspective on the matter, giving readers hope and meaning to their immediate and future lives. In Hope Is on the Horizon, Jacob Kodesh states that grace plays a key role in shaping how people live based on the belief that God has purpose for every human being’s life on earth. Thus, grace and knowledge about God’s grace on the human race bring hope to humankind.  Through grace, people do not only have hope for future life but also live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

According to Kodesh, by grace, people come to appreciate life’s temptations and hardships. In this book, the author reveals the biblical foundations of grace in relation to the tough situations people undergo in the earthly life. The challenges that the author enumerates in this book as part of life include relationship problems, job, and financial problems. The book encourages the reader that in spite of all the challenges present in their lives, hope is in the offing since God does not forsake His people. The book also boasts of an in-depth discussion of God’s universal and divine purpose for trials in believers’ lives.

The other book on grace worth reading is Paul: a Man of Grace and Grit by Charles Swindoll, under the series Great Lives from God’s Word. In this book, the concept of grace is covered using Apostle Paul’s life. The author focuses on the fact that through grace, Paul had an interesting life, as portrayed in the New Testament. Grace is also discussed in light of Paul’s letters in the New Testament. Despite being put through challenges such as beatings, ship wrecks, snake bites, and imprisonment, Paul still lives in the hope of better life in the future. In many ways, Swindoll’s book has an approach to grace that is similar to Kodesh’s approach. Both books offer invaluable guides on grace and hope.

Just like the other books in the Great Lives series, this book has numerous readers across diverse spheres of life. It is a remarkable literature that is effective as a devotional tool and has ideal material for studying theology and other subjects. A Man of Grace and Grit is perhaps the most known in the series since it delves deeper into the life of Paul and uses it illustratively to discuss grace. The book also elaborately points out the importance of change in graceful living and the need to remain faithful, regardless of drawbacks. Being quite touching, this book is ideal for contemporary society, which are marred by mass human challenges and suffering.

The Gospel in Ten Words by Paul Ellis is the other good read grace. Published in 2012 by King Press, the book lauds the gospel’s role in graceful living. The book’s core message is that God’s grace is free. The book considers grace a heavenly treasure that epitomizes God’s goodness. The author concludes that walking in divine favor is the key to experiencing grace and freedom.

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