Books about Serial Killers

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Introduction: A serial killer is a person who kills multiple people, often for the thrill of it. Serial killers are usually found to be suffering from psychological disorders. Serial killing is not equivalent to mass murdering or a killing spree. It can be described an extended stretch of murders over a period of time.

Quite a few books were written on serial killers some of which are:

1. The Stranger Beside Me: Ted Bundy:The Shocking Inside Story, by Ann Rule
This is the story of Ann Rule, a writer who was tracking down a serial killer she was intending to write about. Little did she know that the man she was on the lookout for was her close friend and colleague Ted Bundy.

2. The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, by Michael Newton:
This book examines the realities of serial murder versus popular myths portrayed in film and on television. This book provides readers with a complete summary of the most ghastly crimes and modern scandals.

3. Helter Skelter: The True Story Of Manson Murders, by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry: Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecuting attorney in the high profile Charles Manson case, where Manson and his brainwashed followers massacred famous actress Sharon Tate and her friends in her home. Manson claimed to have got inspired by the Beatles song, Helter Skelter. This book offers a first person insight to the murders that Manson and his followers committed.

4. My Friend Dahmer,by DerfBackderf: This novel sheds light upon the life of the author’s friend Jeff, who led a disturbingly miserable life. After a horrific adolescence, Jeff would go on to commit seventeen murders that included rape, dismemberment, and cannibalism.

5. The Blind Eye: The terrifying story of a doctor who got away with murder, by James B Stewart: This is a ghastly narrative about a doctor who left patients dying mysterious deaths is Ohio, Illinois, New York, and South Dakota and got a away with it.

6. Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, by Jeff Jensen: The author, the son of a Seattle police detective, recalls his experience of a hundred and eighty-eight days with assassin Gary Leon, discovering the chilling facts about the numerous murders Gary had committed.

7. Nobody’s Women: The crimes and victims of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland serial killer, by Steve Miller:
Investigative journalist Steve Miller narrates the horrific tale of a Cleveland-based ex-Marine and registered sex offender who slaughtered women and lived among their corpses. He also tells the stories of the murdered women, mostly prostitutes and junkies, and how their murders were a form of revenge.

8. The Boston Strangler, by Gerold Frank: The Boston Strangler was the name given to serial killer Albert De Salvo in Boston, who killed thirteen women in the early 1960s. He was convicted on the basis of his confession and DNA evidence that linked him with the last victim.

9. The Monster of Florence, by Douglas Preston: The author moves with his family to a villa in Florence only to learn about an unsolved two-fold murder committed next door in Olive Grove. The killer was known as the Monster of Florence, who had murdered seven couples while they were in their cars in the Italian countryside. The author’s association with the case makes this an enthralling read.

10. In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote: A literary masterpiece, this is the true story of the author’s experience of interviewing the serial killers behind the murder of a family in Holcomb, Kansas. The author’s cautious and meticulous research and face-to face interview lead him to show an unforeseen empathy toward the killers.

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