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It is evident that Google is the biggest and most powerful advertising corporation in the world. Nevertheless Google faces more serious challenges than average businesses across the world. Especially, Google is constantly under investigation, more so in Europe where it often faces legal investigations related to its data privacy attitudes and policies.

Several books have been written about Google and how it operates. Perhaps the most well known and well-read book on Google is How Google Works by Erick Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. Contrary to what might be expected, the book does not deal with the technical aspects of Google’s email and search services. Instead, the authors focus more on the organization’s management practices and principles. The intention of the authors is to show prospective and current entrepreneurs the secrets to successful entrepreneurship. Google’s secrets to success are clearly itemized in the book for readers’ ease of understanding and adoption.

One of the secrets to success identified in How Google Works is regular meetings. Also, the authors point out that chairpersons and business owners should permit and encourage disagreements and divergent opinions in meetings. As well, the book recommends relentless experimentation and fair use of organizational experiences, expertise, and skills. Smart creativity, add the authors, is the other hallmark of business success. Besides being detailed, the authors also bring out the allure with which Google has been associated. The book also uncovers Google’s founding days and the ensuing arguments surrounding the issue of whether or not Google’s websearch should have been drawn from China. A contentious stance by the authors is their disapproval of the work-life balance concepts propagated in many occupational debates.

The other books on Google worth reading are What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis and The Search by John Battelle. A recurrent feature of these books is the diversification and journalistic approach they adopt to discuss Google. Thus, these books are a bit more investigative and complimentary in discussing Google’s operations. They are more like The Google Guys by Richard L. Brandt, which also seeks to answer the many questions readers and users of Google have. These books exhaustively discuss the mannerisms at Google. In the later book, the author interviews former and current employees, competitors, partners, and senior management at Google. He also converses with Google’s founders to get insight into the details of the firm. From these conversations and interviews, the author collects information that helps in the demystification of various misconceptions about the firm. The style is also investigative and journalist. The book is thus engaging, especially for potential and budding entrepreneurs seeking inspirations to succeed.

 The book Googlization of Everything by Siva Vaidhyanathan is the other good read on Google. The author explains how Google came in and streamlined the internet and the World Wide Web, which was hitherto characterized by intimidation, confusion, and anarchy. He concludes that Google greatly organized the World Wide Web but also made it globally accessible and usable.

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