Facts About Flies

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Flies are flying insects that are considered as pests during ancient times and even up to present.  They are known to be blood-sucking insects that literally outnumber people in any area.  The existence of flies has been recorded in ancient Egypt through the images on tomb walls.  The Bible also mentioned of flies during the time of Moses.  Aside from being unwanted pests, the following are some facts about these flying insects:

Fact 1:  There are about 120,000 species of flies scattered in different countries around the world.  Some species are tiny and smaller than an inch while others may grow to as big as 3 inches in length.

Fact 2:  Flies are the only flying insects with only 2 wings.  All other flying insects are known to have 4 wings or 2 pairs.

Fact 3:  All species of flies are very skillful in flying.  Despite having only 1 pair of wings flies are known to be able to fly to and from different directions.  Going up and down is very easy for flies and they are also skillful in flying sideways or even backwards.  This ability makes flies very talented and skillful flying insects.

Fact 4:  The feet of flies have hair like structures that allow them to stick to almost any surface. Whether the surface is smooth or rough, their feet will help them stick to it without difficulty.  Flies are even known to be able to walk on walls.

Fact 5:  Flies don’t have teeth. These insects may be known to be blood-suckers but they actually do it with their tongues because they don’t have any teeth.  Their tongues are also very long that it functions like a straw when sucking blood or other liquids from food.

Fact 6:  Common flies need to vomit first before ingesting their food.  Their vomit will serve as neutralizer to dissolve the food they want to eat and suck.

Fact 7:  Many diseases can be carried and transmitted by flies.  This is one of the major reasons that they are unwanted and regarded as pests.  People and animals can contract many diseases because they are germ and microbe carriers.

Fact 8:  The common housefly only lives for an average of 3 weeks.  This is the natural cycle of the housefly.  Some may live for more than a month but the average housefly will only survive for 21 days.

Fact 9:  Flies are born or hatch from the eggs in full adult size.  The size when they are born will be the size when they grow a little older.  This simply means that these insects literally do not grow bigger by the day.

Fact 10:  Many species of flies have a very good set of eyes.  Each eye of the fly has at least 4000 lenses giving them a very good view of their surroundings.

Fact 11:  Flies smell their desired food through their antenna. Without the antenna, these insects would not be able to know the smell and taste of all that they eat from human blood, to spoiled food, or animal manure.

Fact 12:  Flies are often the reason for many illnesses and deaths in animals.  Very low cattle weight is sometimes attributed to fly infestation.

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