Facts About Ukraine Crisis

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Euromaidan_Kyiv_1-12-13_by_Gnatoush_005The sustained crisis in Ukraine came to light on 21th November of 2013, because only the Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych came between the preparations for implementation of an association agreement with the European Union. The decision of the Ukrainian president brought down the reputation of the government in the country, and created loss of faith in the government among people; and his opponents grabbed the opportunity with both hands and cashed it quickly, which caused the mass protests against his decision, a political movement known as the ‘Euromaidan’, and opponents with the huge protesting crowd ousted him on 22th February of 2014. Because of high protesting in ‘Kiev’, the capital of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych had to leave the capital city of Ukraine. Protesters didn’t quiet it then and there; instead they rounded up the Russophone eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, where the president Victor Yanukovych had a great support. An ensuing political conflict in Ukrainian autonomous region of Crimea brought a bit possible result of annexation of Crimea by Russia. For its interruption in Ukraine, Russia was criticized by the US and western union and imposed some sanctions. And later on, we all became the witnesses of some brutal acts of rebels in Ukraine and some worldwide bustles about all this. Besides all these noticed incidents, there are some important close facts about the crisis in Ukraine that you may not know of.

Fact 1: The war that was started in Donbass on 6th April 2014 has consumed 6,243 lives so far from 6 April 2014 to 6 May 2015 so far, from the reference of UN body OCHA.

Fact 2: People may say that the Ukraine crisis came forward, because the former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych, who was ousted then, refused to sign the agreement with European Union, which would give Ukraine funds on reforms; instead he urged Russia to help, and signed a treaty multi-billion dollar deal that his opponents refused to accept.

Fact 3: Since parting from Russia, Ukraine was completely failed to control corruption, weak governance, lack of economical growth and a great failure to collect funds from public markets; that was what people wanted to recover from, but government completely disappointed them.

Fact 4: There is rather a big difference in numbers of the people who speak Russian and who speak Ukrainian in Ukraine. Only 33% people are native Russian speakers, 2% other languages and rest of the people of Ukraine are native Ukrainian speakers.

Fact 5: The Russian speakers are in favor to make the relations better with Russia, but the majority doesn’t consider so.

Fact 6: Russian president Vladimir Putin has just stated that he would protect each Russian speaker everywhere in the world. That statement says rest of the things about why to blame Russia for Ukraine crisis.

Fact 7: Because of Russian interference in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea; The US and European Union have imposed so many sanctions to bring down Russian economy.

Fact 8: As Ukraine is one of the major exporters of wheat and corn, but due to its internal disputes, it is not able to keep its supply up to regular buyer; therefore the prices of grain may go up and will affect to the world’s trade.

Fact 9: To crash Russian Economy for its earlier actions in Crimea and Ukraine, the world leaders have managed to bring down crude oil market rate to very low so that they could affect its economy, which is 50% depended on crude oil and gas. You can notice a great fall in the prices of crude oil from last one year.

Fact 10: There is no doubt about it that Russia wants have its reputation back in power, pride and so on as it had some two decades ago. Although it has no intention to reunite the USSR again, yet we can’t agree with the fact that the world leaders would forget about Russian annexation of Crimea and intervention in Ukraine, and everything will be fine soon. Either Russia should stop it all or who know about the date of the world war 3.


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