What is Wii U?

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Wii U refers to the latest generation of game console from Nintendo.  Released in late 2012, Wii U is considered the first brand of game consoles that is able to handle and feature HD or high-definition graphics.  Gaming console enthusiasts have lauded this new product from Nintendo because of its new features including the all-new touchscreen for its GamePad controller.  Aside from this GamePad, Wii U is also compatible with other controlling devices including Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board among others.  For people who have been playing previous generations of the Wii gaming console, the software used in Wii U is backward compatible and this simply means that previous games in older generations of the gaming platform can be played using Wii U.

The graphics display in Wii U is considered the first of its kind in the gaming console industry.  Playing games on Wii U will become much more clear and exciting because of the HD quality of the images and graphics.  Classic games such as Super Mario Brothers will never be the same because of the vivid colors and very clear HD display on the Wii U.  Another great feature of Wii U is that it has been designed for easy and seamless online connection to Nintendo’s eShop. Favorite games, classic and new, can easily be downloaded from the eShop to one’s Wii U game console.  Using the touchscreen of the GamePad, users can easily select and shop for their favorite games and other video entertainment packages.  Newbies to the platform may also get to download demo versions of several game titles.

Wii U’s game console can also be interfaced with smart TV sets to get a whole new experience in terms of gaming and/or watching online content on the big screen.  The Wii U remote is one great accessory as it also serves as the TV remote control.  The gaming console also allows for customization in terms of TV program guides and favorite games which are all featured in one Wii U platform.

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