What is white chocolate?

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White chocolate is a type of chocolate candy that is literally white in color.  Unlike traditional chocolate which is brown, white chocolate has a white or yellowish color regardless of the brand or candy variant.  White chocolate is not a pure or true chocolate candy since it doesn’t actually contain any cocoa solids.  Instead, one of its main ingredients is cocoa butter which made people to name it as white chocolate.  Other typical ingredients of white chocolate candies include sugar, salt, and milk.  Variants of this candy may also contain other flavor-enhaning ingredients like caramel, coffee, and several fruit bits and flavors.

The cocoa butter content of white chocolate is what makes it pale along with the white sugar and milk.  True chocolate will always be brown in flavor with the cocoa solids.  White chocolate meanwhile does not contain any of this ingredient and only have cocoa butter.  cocoa butter is actually like an oil that is produced by the cocoa bean and it can be separated from the dark brown solids that are used for true chocolate candies.  The cocoa oil is also some kind of fat that is present in the cocoa bean and when this is separated from the solids, it will then be mixed with milk and sugar to create white chocolate.

With the popularity of true chocolate, other variants like white chocolate have also become favorites for many people.  Various known chocolate brands around the world also have white chocolate variants.  In some countries, white chocolate maybe made with varying amounts of cocoa butter.  Some variants even only have substitute or vegetable fat instead of cocoa butter.  There are also white chocolate variants that are mostly made with milk and sugar only.  In the US, there are certain guidelines and standards in terms of labelling candies as white chocolate.  To be named white chocolate, candies must contain at least 20% of cocoa butter.  Standards like this basically ensure that people get what they deserve in terms of product ingredients for white chocolate candies.

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