What Is Web 2.0?

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What Is Web 2.0?

Though there is much debate what Web 2.0 really means, many experts agree that the web today is so much different from the way we viewed it in the past.  Web 2.0 is associated with the updated versions of the sites and services of the web.  The ‘old’ web had to do with plain viewing of data on websites, whereas Web 2.0 allowed user-interactivity.  Many more services and applications of today demonstrate that the web is a free platform for all.  Instead of just plain communication via email, users nowadays demand for more connection with other people.  These needs were addressed in Web 2.0-updated sites wherein you can share files with everyone, give feedback to articles, or post your personal experiences on the web for everyone to see.  Web 2.0 turned out to be centered on the user.  It allowed non-traditional sources of talent and information to be published on the web which led to more user contribution to the internet today.

The term “Web 2.0” was coined several years back, and it got popular on the web in 2004 after a so-called brainstorming session with Tim O’Reilly and MediaLive International, a company involved in technology-related tradeshows and conferences.  Web 2.0 is not like a clear-cut update of the old web, but more of a continuing web development.  It was said that Web 2.0 of today allows more freedom from the user point of view.  Everybody can now have a say on how we view and use the internet.  People can now create their own sites and have people comment on them.  Budding artists can now publish their work on the internet and go straight through their target market for comments and feedback.  Gone are the traditional sources of information and more people have access now to data not available before.  Users are now able to choose and customize what they want to see on the web.  Unlike before where users are bombarded with ads that don’t matter to them and many were required to fill up forms and go through registration to avail of a particular web service.

Many believe that Web 2.0 is just part of web evolution.  For some it is just a jargon or a funny name to define the use of the web today.

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