What is Music?

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What is Music?

One of the most unique aspects of human nature is the ability to express ourselves. Expression will serve a large number of purposes and will also be in many different forms. Through the various expressions we are able to communicate to others what we feel, think and even dream. The impact we want to have as well as the message we want to convey will be key in determining the kind of expression we choose to use. Our ability will also be an important part of the overall picture here. Those who are able to use sound as a means of expression and those who are able to appreciate the expression through sound, know music.

Music has been defined as many different things. It is a broad subject that covers various different approaches. Song, dance, instruments, poetry are some of the entities that qualify as music. Music has often been described as organized sound. This is largely true and is one of the reasons why music has also been said to be the one true international language. This is because music goes beyond the physical and encompasses the feelings of both the person creating or providing the music as well as the feelings of those who consume the music. This is a fact as has been proven in many situations where the composer and audience do not share the same language. Music in all its forms and stages also requires talent. Whether it is in composing, presenting, arranging or even teaching others, it requires a natural gift to be able to do it and do it well.

Music is a social tool through which all sorts of messages have been conveyed. There are those who use it to express love, praise, anger, joy, season, worship, sorrow and so much more. There is music for every occasion and reason. Those who create music are artists who employ the use of sound as their primary media. Each musician has a target audience that he or she would like to reach or entertain through the music that they have created. Different audiences have different preferences when it comes to music. There are those that will appreciate a particular type more than others. This is mostly not about the normal social divides that include race or color of the audience. Music goes beyond race, color, religion, social class and unites all these differences.

In many communities around the world music has always been an important part of culture. There is music for every season and occasion. The funny thing here however is the fact that in most languages around the world, there is no one word for music. Most languages have words that represent the various components of music such as singing, dancing or playing instruments. Music has through the generations been used as one of the most powerful means of expressing human feelings both positive and negative. The choice of music goes a long way in communicating the feelings that dominate an event, season or a person’s mind and heart.

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