What is Tunnel Vision?

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What is Tunnel Vision?
Tunnel vision refers to a medical illness or condition wherein a person’s vision is limited to a central and circular view only. The peripheral part of the view is lost entirely.

This condition may be caused by a variety of factors. One such factor is hypovolemia. This refers to loss of blood. Tunnel vision may also result from certain diseases on the eye itself like tumors in the optic chiasm, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa. Some people also experience tunnel vision as a result of external influences or as reaction to what’s happening in the environment. Like when somebody experiences anger or panic attacks or situations where distress and extreme fear is involved, people may have tunnel visions. It is also said that when there is too much adrenaline circulating in the body, like during emergencies or situations of extreme emotional heights, a person may tend to have loss of peripheral vision and retain only a central view. But aside from external factors, tunnel vision may also be induced by some hallucinogenic drugs and may also be caused by some snake bites with specific venom.

And since this particular medical condition may be secondary to a wide variety of factors, it is imperative that patients seek medical attention immediately for proper diagnosis and early treatment.

But aside from its medical association, the term “tunnel vision” is similarly referred to as a voluntary act of seeing only your personal point of view on things. Though not literally, tunnel vision in its “idiomatic” form, refers to seeing just your own point of view and not minding the views of others. It may have some positive meaning in some situations where one needs focus and it may also have negative impact in the sense that a person who chooses to ignore others may not be well-liked.

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