What is Lewd?

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What is Lewd?
Lewd refers to an act that is considered obscene, lascivious, vulgar, or indecent. In its legal application, lewd acts or conduct refer to activities that tend to arouse sexual desire or libido. Activities that are usually associated with the term “lewd” are pornographic activities, prostitution, and exhibitionism. In some jurisdictions, lewd acts are synonymous with lascivious conduct.

Those that engage in pornographic activities are said to commit lewd acts or lascivious conduct. In the billion dollar industry of pornographic movies, most people consider all those involved in making a pornographic film as having committed indecent and lewd acts. In the same way, those that engage in prostitution are considered too vulgar and very indecent to be tolerated by society. In most countries, prostitution in all forms or means is an illegal activity. Exhibitionism or other forms of indecent acts are also classified as “lewd”. Examples of these indecent activities include showing off sexual organs in public, having sex in public, masturbating in public, and/or undressing in public places.

Since lewd acts are considered unlawful and illegal, those who are arrested are given penalties and or jail sentences. But rules and laws differ from one country to another, so one particular lewd act may constitute a jail term for one country, while in some countries a monetary penalty may be the only thing implemented. In some cases, lewd acts may accompany other criminal offenses like battery or assault. In these cases, stiffer penalties or longer jail terms are involved. And in the case of lewd acts involving minors, most countries have special rules and laws to apply to under-aged offenders. Repeat offenders or those who got arrested for lewd acts several times also get stricter penalties. But aside from penalties and jail terms, some offenders are also subjected to psychological and or psychiatric treatment.

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