What is SMG?

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What is SMG?
SMG stands for “sequential manual gearbox” and this refers to a manual type of gear transmission installed in motorbikes and cars that are designed for auto-racing. From the term “sequential”, gear selection can only be done in sequence or in a particular order. This means choosing a specific gear is not allowed by this transmission system.

Traditional manual gearboxes involve the driver moving gear positions by disengaging the clutch. Because of this setup, the engine torque will be lost as the driver shifts from one gear to another. This setup is typically referred to as the true “manual” gear-shifting which is actually prone to errors and may not be a good idea for novice drivers involved in car racing. With the setup involved in sequential transmission, the clutch mechanism will only interrupt the engine’s torque briefly allowing for a smooth gear shift. This simply means that the clutch will not be necessary while the engine is running and the car is on the move.

Using SMG in automatic mode meanwhile will be a little easier for some drivers since no clutch pedal is necessary. Drivers just switch gears using paddle shifters placed on the steering wheel or use the more traditional stick type of gear shifter. But car and engine experts believe that the automatic versions of SMG are not truly “sequential” in nature even though it also allows for drivers to choose gears. True sequential transmission is strictly referred to as a manual transmission setup.

One great benefit of the SMG setup is that the use of the clutch is minimized and limited to conditions wherein a driver needs to “re-start” after a complete stop. Otherwise, drivers can drive their cars smoothly with the SMG setup and not worry much on the clutch mechanism. Some also believe that car speed will increase because of the faster gear-shifting feature of SMGs.

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