What is Baby Shower?

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What is Baby Shower?
In some countries, including the United States, baby showers are considered to be a tradition. They are usually a small get together, that consist of women, to celebrate the arrival of a new child. The term shower means that the expectant mother will receive lots of gifts that will help her prepare for the baby.

Back when this tradition first begin it was only meant for women and it was only given when the woman had her first child. Children that were born after the first child did not receive a baby shower. During this get together, traditionally, the women would share their experiences that they had gone through with their first child and also offer advice to the expectant mother. However, as time has went on now it is acceptable for women to have baby showers for every child and they even have them for children that are adopted. Some women even take it as far as to invite men as well. Also in some cases women have multiple baby showers for one child. This happens because multiple people decide to surprise the expectant mother with baby showers.

Usually a close friend of the expectant mother is the one who sets up the baby shower. The host of the get together is responsible for what foods will be eaten and also how many people will attend. Some hosts go above and beyond by setting up a theme and having different baby related games to play. All of this is done without the expectant mother knowing anything about what is being planned. The only thing that the guests are responsible for doing is showing up and bringing gifts. If doesn’t matter if the gifts are big or small as long as they are baby related. In this day in time it is helpful for the guests to check the expectant mothers baby registry so they can avoid all bringing the same gift.

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