What is Poker Face About?

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What is Poker Face About?
Poker Face is the infamous song popularized by Lady Gaga, an American recording artist. This is included in the debut album entitled The Fame and produced by RedOne. The song is very popular among contemporary music and pop song enthusiasts. It has an up-tempo dance beat in G# minor key which has very close resemblance to her previous single entitled ‘Just Dance’. However, the song is known with its much darker musical tone.

Poker Face is a song rich in meaning and symbolism. If you look deeper into the lyrics of the song, it is basically about bisexuality. It is also the tribute of the singer to her so-called ‘rock n’ roll’ boyfriends. Moreover, the words of the song talks about sex and gambling. Although it has all these connotations, it received great recognition and praises among critics especially crediting to its chorus and robotic hook. In fact, it has received innumerable worldwide success and fame. It has topped the charts in almost twenty counties. This includes the countries of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Poker Face is also one of the most downloaded songs especially in the British chart history. It reached a sale record of over 9.8 million copies, making it among the top and bestselling singles of all time.

The lyrics of the song emphasize and concentrate on sexual innuendo and the art of seducing or teasing. However, according to Lady Gaga quoted in an interview about the song, it carries undertone of certain confusions about sex and love. The popularity of Poker face results to a lot of versions from other well known singers. Chris Daughtry even performed the acoustic version in a German radio station. Kid Cudi, a rapper, also includes the acoustic version of the song in his single.

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