What is LMI Frame Relay?

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What is LMI Frame Relay?
LMI Frame Relay refers to the set of extensions as to the protocol of the Frame Relay. LMI stands for Local Management Interface, designed to give valuable information. These are details regarding the Frame Relay networks status and it basically helps for the extension of the capabilities of the said technology.

The primary concern of this extension is for the diagnostic functions of the system. An example of this is that it is utilized to send messages between the switch of the Frame Relay and the router. LMI is also inclusive of the virtual status messages. This feature provides communication as well as synchronization between the devices for DCE and the Frame Relay DTE. These are keep-alive messages, which provide verification for the status of the PVCs. It also helps in ensuring that the sent data could be carefully transferred between the DCE equipment and the Frame Relay DTE. This function also helps in the prevention of sending the messages into black holes or when the messages are sent over PVCs, which no longer exist.

In its other functions, this extension is also a very salient element that allows DLCI values and be interpreted or made globally significant. It also provides the Frame Relay networks with multicast capabilities. LMI Frame Relay is the product of the consortium of the top names in the industry including Digital Equipment Corporation or DEC, Cisco, StrataCom and Northern Telecom. These companies joined forces to focus basically on the development of the Frame Relay deployment. The protocol enables the additional capabilities of the system especially in the complexity of the inter-networking environments.

LMI is a development, which is basically performed to provide enhancement of the management system for the interface. It helps prevent the Frame Relay applications to operate longer without loss of important data.

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