What is Memo?

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What is Memo?
A memo, or officially called a memorandum, is a written or typed document named so because it is to help jog the memory on a particular topic. It is most often used in an office setting. It’s a quick note to convey information to a small group of people. It can be a hard copy, but can also be in an electronic version.

In the business environment, there are several ways a memo can be written. The memo can have any format and is typically considered an informal document. Many businesses may have their own particular format or look they prefer to use. It is usually short in nature, one page, but can be longer. For example, a memo might go out through an office to remind employees of the time of an upcoming meeting.

Memos are useful when other messaging, like email or texting, is not available. Of course, it is best that the message being sent is something not of a sensitive nature, where face-to-face contact or a phone call would be more appropriate.

A memo usually contains at least five components: To, From, Date, Subject Heading and the Message. It does not need to have a signature from the sender.

A memorandum is often used in the legal world as well. There are several types of memorandums used including the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which defines the working relationship between two parties. There is also the Memorandum of Agreement, which is a more detailed version of the MOU addressing process and procedure. The Memorandum of Association defines a company to the outside world such as what shares are issued or the range of operations. Private Placement Memoranda communicates securities offerings for investors.

The plural of memorandum is either memoranda or memorandums.

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