What is Trolling?

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What is Trolling?
Trolling is the intentional posting of foul, stupid, insulting, and prank messages over the internet. The purpose of which is to annoy the receiver making him respond to the joke, or to spark an endless argument based on mean remarks and lies. A person who engages in trolling is called a “troll” or a ‘troller’.

Trolling as an internet slang word had taken inspiration from a fishing technique wherein several baits are used to slowly entice the fish to bite them. In the internet world, many trolling posts or entries sort of lure readers to be part of the joke and perhaps compel them to make a remark or reply to start the cycle of exchanging annoying and rude messages. This particular situation was the original concept of trolling back in the late 80s and early 90s. Back then, trolling meant re-publishing old posts and remarks to entice new readers to make comments and continue the cycle of posting and re-posting, which eventually flame up to annoyance and disgust.

There are various types of trollers that roam around the internet for different purposes. Some are classified as haters and they usually spread trolling through the YouTube website. These trollers pick out on people that are emotionally disturbed, naive kids, and cry babies. They act like bullies and try to annoy other people with their posts. Another type of troll is called a ‘griefer’. Griefers operate by flooding chat rooms and hacking into video games.

Most people that become trolls and involve in trolling activities are actually hated by the internet community. Many of them are said to be youngsters who have nothing to do, so they pick on a fight with other people on the internet. Many kids are also influenced into becoming trolls because of bad experiences like being banned on certain chat rooms and websites. But many just would like to piss people off and need extra attention.

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