What is ice drug?

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Ice drug is an illegal drug that is a member of the amphetamine family. Ice is a methamphetamine that is similar to base or speed. Ice has a purer form compared to a base or a speed. Those who take an ice drug experiences a very intense “high” and react powerfully to the drug such as addiction, mental and chronic physical problems and comedown.

There are also other names given to ice drug, and that includes meth, crystal meth, shabu, crystal, d-meth, batu, glass and tina.

Effect of ice on individuals

Ice drug is an illegal drug because it has harmful effects to those who are taking it. This drug can produce very intense feelings of “high” and the feeling varies depending on the frequency and amount of intake.

The effects of ice drug can be felt from four to twelve hours. Those who take this medicine feel exhilaration, as well as an increase in their level of activity and arousal. People who take it feel that they are widely awake. The drug can also suppress the appetite.

A person who takes ice drug will have the brain’s receptors filled with monoamines and as such their receptors are likely to end up as damaged or even destroyed. A person who has been using this drug may likely have a higher tolerance for the drug and not feel pleasure if not taking the drug.

A person who is taking ice drug will experience an increase in their heart rate, body temperature that is irregular, high blood pressure, an increase in their breathing rate, heart problems and constriction of blood levels.

A person who has been using ice drug will have an aged appearance, teeth that are damaged and have higher risks of stroke, among others.

Ice drug takers are also likely to have skin lesions, lungs that have decreased functions and poor decision-making skills and memory.

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