What is Klinefelter syndrome?

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Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal illness suffered by male patients which is affecting their cognitive and physical development. The symptoms of male patients suffering from Klinefelter syndrome may vary.

Those with the Klinefelter syndrome may produce lower testosterone than required. Testosterone is a male hormone that controls or affects the sexual development of male prior to birth and during their puberty years.

Male patients who have lower than the average testosterone can suffer from incomplete or even delayed puberty, enlargement of breasts, less body and facial hair and infertility or the inability to produce off springs.

Some patients who suffer from low testosterone levels may also suffer from genital abnormalities including cryptorchidism or undescended testes, hypospadias or when the urethra opens on the incorrect part or side of the male genitals and very small penis or micropenis.

Klinefelter syndrome explained

Children who are bit older and male adults who suffer from Klinefelter syndrome are, usually, taller than their male peers. Those with Klinefelter syndrome are more likely to develop breast cancer, as well as lupus erythematosus or the chronic inflammation disease compared to those without the illness. The likelihood of getting these medical conditions can be compared to the probability that women will get these illnesses.

Klinefelter syndrome is not inheritable given that these are caused by changes in the male chromosome. The changes in chromosome happen randomly like when reproductive cells—sperm and egg cells—among parents suffer from nondisjunction or the condition where an error in the division of cells happens. This can result in the incorrect number of chromosomes of the reproductive cell.

For example, a sperm or an egg cell may have a single or even more than usual X chromosome copies due to the of nondisjunction. This means that the male child will have an abnormal genetic makeup consisting of one or extra X chromosomes in his body cells.

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