What is heritage?

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Heritage pertains to a wide range of topics that is inherited such as monuments, culture, traditions and objects. Heritage also deals with the different meanings, behaviors and contemporary activities that each draw from the inherited idea or item.

Heritage also includes preservation, excavation, display and restoration of old items, and they may be either intangible or tangible. Memories, recipes, songs, dances, languages and ideas, for example, are intangible. On the other hand, structure and archaeological sites are tangible items.

More on heritage

A country or a nation’s heritage must be a subject of constant, discussion, debate as well as reflection. What should be saved and what should a society forget? What are the memories that each should either regret or enjoy?

In a multicultural world, active and deep discourse on heritage is a must since heritage should be an activity that has well-calculated effects that last for a long time. For example, regional and urban planning must take in consideration heritage.

For example, should local government allow a historical structure to be taken down so a modern building may be constructed on the same land? Taking down a historical site or building must include public discourse on such matter since there should be discussions within the community across different groups.

Studying the past has been a preoccupation of many experts and in fact, a study of the olden time is the basis of activities that deal with heritage. But there is a need to study about the role of heritage in the future.

The interpretation and preservation of heritage have big roles in how countries evolve socially.

Heritage is part of collective memory and social identity of a community or nation, and it needs serious contemplation by each country or community. And as such, there is a need to encourage more people to take an active study of heritage.

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