What is Hamachi?

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What is Hamachi?
Hamachi is a VPN or virtual private network application developed by LogMeIn Inc. that allows interaction between computers even if these are configured under Network Address Translation firewalls. It is a simple application that allows interconnection of computers on the internet similar to the LAN setup but without the tedious reconfigurations. It serves as an emulator of the behavior and/or capabilities of a local area network but the application is intended to be setup and used over the internet. Hamachi also serves as extension to the basic organization LAN and is able to reach users who are always mobile and on the go. This means that users may have access to a particular business application from virtually any part of the world. And the best thing is that this VPN service can be managed and configured also through the internet and from any location without having to worry on security.

LogMeIn’s Hamachi service allows for easy and quick networking setup to connect different users from different locations much like the local area network but this time with much wider reach. It’s also easy to deploy this particular software as the system just requires the sending of the link for download and installation could be done immediately. With quick access to the software comes quick interconnection between users over the VPN setup. This system is also easy for network administrators as management of user access and the entire network can be done from any location as long as he/she has internet connection. Firewalls and routers need no more extra reconfiguration and setup to allow interconnection between users which makes this system very quick to setup. Security of communication across the network is also not a concern with AES 256-bit encryption technology. So with all the capabilities and security of Hamachi, it has become a popular application for on-demand network setup and connection. Many users also take advantage of this system in playing online network games.

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