What is FJ?

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What is FJ?
FJ is an urban acronym or term that has different meanings. Urban lingos or terms like “FJ” are usually used by internet chat and text messaging fanatics. Much of the words and phrases are shortened into new words at the advent of online chat rooms and the popularity of sending text messages via mobile phones. The ever-increasing popularity of internet sites that offer social networking services also resulted to the wide use of internet lingo and phrases. “FJ” is just one of many terms used by people in communication through online chat, mobile text message, blogposts, and social networking sites.

FJ for some people may refer to a “finger job”. Certainly this is one term that may make parents of young children squirm, as its literal translation refers to a personal gratification technique by women using their fingers. Other people also refer to FJ as a “foot job”. This translation still implies an obscene and sexual nature to the term and literally it refers to some form of sexual stimulation using the foot. Common to people who are pre-occupied with sex are various activities and techniques aimed at pleasuring themselves. “Foot jobs” or “finger jobs” are just a few of these techniques. But to keep things a little discreet and more acceptable, most people use the term “FJ” when communicating online or via mobile phones. In this way, the sexual tone of the conversation may be avoided so as not to scare other people away.

Other people also have other translations for FJ. FJ may also mean “Faggot Juan” for a group of people who talk about a male person who is deemed to be boastful and an exhibitionist. This particular person supposedly has no actual quality to show off and so is given the somewhat “ironic” term “faggot Juan” to discredit his supposed physical prowess.

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