What is eDataSecurity?

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What is eDataSecurity?

eDataSecurity is a data security and encryption service from Acer computers. For people with Acer computers and laptops, they may download the corresponding executable file which is part of Acer’s eDataSecurity Management service. With easy installation procedures, users will be able to protect their personal data from security threats and malware. Users can also avail of the encryption service provided along with the data security feature of eDataSecurity. Through this technology, data that is transferred from one computer to another through a network may be encrypted and protected from possible threats. This is especially applicable when sending out email and/or instant messages to other users or computers via a network or through the internet.

Installation of the eDataSecurity service is made easy and the only requirement is that users will be prompted to log a password for the encryption feature. Another password is also required for supervisory and administrative rights. It is essential that users will remember these passwords as these are the same passwords that are needed to open and/or view encrypted files. Data recovery will also be difficult and maybe impossible if users forget their own passwords. To avoid password-related problems, users must keep a copy at a secure storage location.

The good thing about Acer’s eDataSecurity service is that it can be removed and uninstalled from the user’s computer any time. For Acer computer users who do not wish to avail of the data security and encryption service that eDataSecurity provides, they may choose to remove this program from their computers or even not install it in the first place. Some users have various concerns regarding the running of eDataSecurity in their computers because of power management and memory-related issues. For some computers, the eDataSecurity service may use up a lot of the computer’s resources and may cause a slowdown in other applications and programs. For users with no issues on the use of computer resources, taking advantage of eDataSecurity literally gives a sense of protection for various personal data.

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