What is FBX format?

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FBX refer to proprietary files that belong to Autodesk Technology.  This file started out as a 3D file format for a program called MotionBuilder by the Kaydara group.  By 2006, the FBX file format is acquired by Autodesk and is basically used to allow easy interaction of tools in the 3D or three-dimensional environment. Through the FBX file format, various tools may be used across different platforms especially those that are involved in the creation of digital and 3D content.

As part of the Kaydara group, FBX files were used to replace older files associated with its FilmBox software. This particular software enabled data storage from compatible devices that are used for motion capture. With its use in Filmbox, the abbreviation of FBX was born and this is where the file format is named from.  FBX files were used even after FilmBox was renamed to MotionBuilder back in 2002.  By 2006, Autodesk was able to acquire the rights to the FBX format and added support capabilities to it owing to its proprietary nature.  This simply meant that FBX file extensions may be recognized and read by various FBX readers and writers including those with SDK specifications.  This easy interoperability feature of FBX files is considered beneficial to desktop-based programs and applications but may not be advantageous to enterprise level and server platforms.

When computer programmers and software developers refer to the FBX file format, they could actually be referring to either the text-only or ASCII-based version or the binary version.  The text version of FBX is basically governed by nodes that are configured in a setup list.  For every class name for example, the associated data types are attached to it and these include standard integer or string elements among others.  As for the binary version of FBX, the header typically contains 27 bytes and the file information is stored after the top-level record.

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