What is Digital Projection?

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What is Digital Projection?
Digital Projection involves using a computer in projecting an image on a screen. Many of the films today use digital projectors instead of the older analog versions, wherein images are shown on the screen by shining light on a semi-transparent material called film slides.

There are many types of digital projectors used by the film industry. In the 1950s, Eidophor projectors were said to be the first to produce color images on screen. CRT or Cathode Ray Tube projector is another type. Similar to CRT TV technology, this projector can also produce black and white and/or color images but in relatively small sizes (6 to 12 inches). CRT digital projectors are heavy and bulky so they are ideal to be setup in fixed locations. A much lighter projector came in the form of LCD or Liquid Crystal Display projectors. These are very popular because of its portability, image clarity, and large projection sizes.

Digital projection is now the embraced by many filmmakers. Aside from the picture or image clarity and quality, films made digitally are cheaper to distribute. According to experts, the digital projection technology benefited much of the film industry, particularly the studios and theaters. For studios, distribution costs got lower and film piracy is better addressed with digital formats. Studios also can now edit or make changes to a particular digital film quickly and easily before a film is released for showing. And as for the theater owners, many admit that digital projectors are easier to use and maintain. Though ticket prices are much higher on digital films, moviegoers still embrace the technology for the improvements in film content and clarity.

Digital projection technology also resulted in longer shelf lives for digital films. Old film slides suffer from picture quality deterioration over time. While films intended for digital projection do not fade or get scratched, even if they are viewed over and over again.

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