What is Xfinity?

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What is Xfinity?
Xfinity is ComCast Corporation’s triple play service which carries digital cable, cable Internet and cable telephone services. ComCast named the digital service Xfinity because of what the company claims as seemingly infinite content choices and cross-platform content for subscribers.

Xfinity’s marketing thrust plays on its difference from other similar services: faster internet speeds, more HD channels (up to 3x more), almost twenty thousand TV shows and movies on demand as well as more than nineteen thousand TV shows and movies on demand available online. Current ComCast subscribers do not have to pay more for an upgrade to Xfinity services. Currently, Xfinity is only available in 15 areas around the US, with more areas to be announced soon.

The brand name ComCast has been embroiled in a number of controversies, ranging from poor customer service, bad collections practices following Hurricane Katrina as well as controversial lobbying efforts. Many have criticized the XFinity rebranding effort as a poorly orchestrated strategy to simply distract from the negative publicity garnered by the ComCast brand. In fact, Time Magazine in 2010 has listed it at the top of its ‘Top 10 Worst Corporate Name Changes’ list.

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