What is Dave and Buster’s?

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Dave and Buster’s is a popular restaurant chain in the US. Its first branch was opened back in 1982 by the original owners and founders David Corriveau and James aka Buster Corley. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas the original company behind Dave & Buster’s evolved into becoming a large restaurant and entertainment service provider across the US. More than 70 restaurants are scattered in many cities in the US with one of its restaurants located in Canada. The company has also made acquisitions of other restaurant chains and by 2008 it went into public trading as approved by the US SEC.

The menu across all Dave and Buster’s restaurants features All-American favorites like steaks, burgers, and pastas. There are also various seafood options in the popular menu of Dave and Buster’s. This popular restaurant is also very popular among the adult crowd because of its full bar across all of the Dave and Buster’s restaurants in the US. Aside from the great food options, Dave and Buster’s is actually considered an entertainment paradise for its many loyal fans. As much as 40-50% of its earnings are sourced from its entertainment services and offerings in the forms of games. Traditional games like cards playing and the pool table are very popular attractions. There are also various high-tech video and arcade games that attract new customers and lure the loyalists to come back to the restaurant often. These games are activated only upon payment and through schemes such as the Power Card more people get hooked on these games and are encouraged to spend more.

The best thing about Dave and Buster’s restaurants is that the food menu is updated regularly to cater to the changing trends and likes of its loyal customers. As per company statistics, many of their loyal customers visit their restaurant about ten times every single year. The games and amusements are also updated regularly to keep up with what’s popular among their customers.

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