What is WSDL?

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WSDL or Web Services Description Language refers to a computer language that is used to describe a particular business or service an online business offers. Based on XML or Extensible Mark-up Language, WSDL basically sets the formatting and encoding rules in terms of web services descriptions and functionalities. When a particular online business offers several web services for example, they may provide a description of these services through WSDL. With such an online description using the standard language of WSDL, other businesses or entities will be able to access it via electronic means. Individuals or users may also get access to details of the web service through the description provided by WSDL.

The creation of the standard formatting or web service description through WSDL was born from the cooperation between various technology giant companies like Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft. Through the UDDI or the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration initiative, all online businesses around the globe will be able to register their services using a standard description through WSDL. With WSDL, any business from any part of the world will be able to register or enlist themselves over the online community. With such registration using WSDL, their web services will also be accessed or viewed by other people in other parts of the world. WSDL basically creates a communication bridge in terms of the web services offered by various businesses around the world.

WSDL also represents one of many standardization initiatives that are common in the online community. Through interface definition languages such as WSDL, businesses and individuals will have an easy way to access each other’s services and details. With WSDL, specifications are made in terms of describing network services through an XML-based grammar. Using this kind of language structure, interaction between different endpoints will pave the way for easier exchange of electronic messages.

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