What is Dagent?

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What is Dagent?
Dagent.exe is a Patch Detection Agent installed by the PatchLink Update Software. It is used to update management software. This is an application developed by ‘Novell Inc.’. Like other non-system processes, dagent.exe too originates from the software you have installed on your system.

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PatchLink Update is very convenient to use as it upgrades the management system and allows the IT managers to manage entire corporate network and the updates related to it from one destination itself. The job of PatchLink Update’s dagent.exe is to discover applicable software patches and update your system by making the PatchLink Update service download them. It basically scans your system’s hard disk and all its programs, checks for the updates with central server of corporate network and then the results are passed back to the PatchLink Update service so that the updates can be downloaded and installed. The only problem with dagent is that it sometimes decreases the system’s performance. There are some application errors also caused by dagent. This happens when it crashes during a deployment connection and the connection is not released successfully. Hence it stays in the memory, which may further lead to a crash. The only way to know the error has occurred is to check for a dagent.log file in the list of programs.

Like most non-system programs running on your system, dagent.exe can be stopped by the user as and when he wants. The non-system programs are not required to run the operating system. Dagent.exe running on your system can be stopped by permanently uninstalling Patch Detection Agent.

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