What is curl.exe?

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Curl.exe is an executable file associated with the cURL program.  This program features a command line tool so that coders and programmers may send data across the network using URL syntax.  The sending of data through the command line of the cURL program also passes through SSL certificates for data integrity and security. The standard cURL program is compatible with various operating systems and platforms and may be downloaded for free over the internet.  The cURL program may also be used as a library tool and the best thing about it is that it supports various protocols when it comes to data transport from one point of the network to another.

Sending out data may be coursed through FTP or File Transfer Protocol, HTTP or HyperText Transfer Protocol, and SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol among many others.  The cURL program also supports data transfer through the IMAP, POP3, Kerberos, SMTP, and even HTTP proxy tunnelling. The library tool also works efficiently across different platforms including Linux, Windows, Symbian, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.  When the cURL program is installed in one’s computer, the curl.exe file may be expected to pop-out in case there are problems involving the features of the program.  Running the cURL application in order to create scripts or commands will need the curl.exe which is its main executable file.

The same curl.exe file may also be found in the installer folder of the cURL application.  When downloading the installer files of cURL, the curl.exe file comes along with the SSL certificate bundle, scripts, manuals, and other documentation items.  Whenever users are prompted with errors relating to the curl.exe file, it may simply point some problems to the cURL application.  Otherwise, errors involving curl.exe may mean that this file is corrupted or need to be repaired or updated.

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